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Christian Science House Chautauqua

The website for this organization was lacking cohesion, basic design principles, and the welcoming feel that they wanted. Additionally, the previous developer was difficult to work with and my client was in a time crunch to get the website set up for their season. I also had no previous experience with Avada, the Wordpress builder that was used to create the site. It was a challenge to learn a whole new program on the job.

Cindy Baird, the Treasurer, and I identified specific things that she wanted changed and designed strategies that I could use to quickly enhance their website. I then put all these tasks into Asana, my project management tool, and started to work down the list. As more tasks were checked off the website began to look better and better. The final step was adding a new staff page complete with bios and images and a donate page so that the church could send willing donors to their website.

I will continue to work for The Christian Science House and make any updates, changes, or enhancements that they need. I look forward to being able to help this group of dedicated people long term.

I learned that no matter the program, problem, or job, I have the ability to produce a high quality product. This relates to any part of my skill set. Whether it is copywriting, marketing strategy, or web design, I have the adaptability to create results for my clients.

The video embedded here is of the website before I made all my changes

Check out the finished website here:

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