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First Church of Christ, Scientist Amarillo

This project gave me lots of opportunities. The church needed web design, copywriting, marketing, and data gathering. Their main goal was to market an upcoming Christian Science lecture. Usually, they just send out invitations to a mailing list and post a few times on facebook. The normal attendance is about 30 people, all members of the church. The purpose of lectures like these is to reach out to the public and that is what I focused my strategy on.

I started with planning out all the steps in my marketing plan. I decided that the main two ways I was going to get the word out about this talk would be through facebook posts and flyers that we would print out and paste around local YMCAs, community centers, and public spaces. The goal of these promotions would be to direct people to the new website where they could reserve a seat.

The 'securing a seat' idea was one that the church and the speaker, James Shepherd, had never thought of before. When someone signs up for a seat, they input their email and this gave me the ability to send them reminder emails. One of the questions on the form was, "Why do you want to come to this lecture?" The reason that I asked that was so that in the final email, the day before the lecture, I could remind them why they signed up in the first place. This triggers the human desire for consistency and to follow through on previous commitments.

After getting people to the lecture, the job was not done. I created a flyer with a QR code to a google form where guests can leave feedback on where they found out about our lecture, if they reserved a seat, and any suggestions for improvement. This information will be crucial for improving my marketing for the next event.

The event is March 21st, stay tuned for results!

The embedded video is of the website before I made my changes.

Check out the finished website here:

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