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First Church of Christ, Scientist Amarillo

The goal of the board of directors at this church was to increase the number of attendees at their talks. They normally post on facebook and send out word document invitations to organizations around their city. I was tasked with coming up with innovative ways to inspire people who normally don't attend events like this to sign up and follow through on their commitment. 

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Planning & Brainstorming

Before starting any flyers, posts, or touching the website that desperately needed help, I created a plan. I started with identifying the ways that I would generate attention. Facebook posts and flyers posted around the city at strategic locations were the two ideas that I settled on. I was confident that these two coupled with improved invitations to local organizations would generate enough interest. I then devised a strategy for people to sign up for the lecture and receive automated reminder emails. 


I began with redoing the church's website. I added new pages, created a cohesive design, and added an events page where people could sign up for the upcoming lecture. After that, I communicated with the speaker, James Shepherd and dialed in the messaging for the sales page and flyer. I implemented all of his key phrases and embedded a video of him explaining his talk. By this time the flyer, website, reservation system, email campaign, and new invitations were ready for launch. The last step was to get everything cleared by James and then start posting on Facebook and putting up the flyers. 

Next Steps

I will continue to work for this church on future marketing ventures and am excited to keep improving my skills.

My next project will benefit from all the lessons I learned from this event. I cannot wait to be able to apply myself to yet another marketing campaign.


I learned that buckling down and making a plan before starting any of the 'fun' work is essential for coming up with a cohesive marketing campaign. Without that initial step, I would have been floundering around, wasting time and producing results that would not have made me proud. 

Additionally, I learned that reflecting on your work and being brutally honest with yourself is the only way to grow. There were many things that I did wrong but the next event will be even better because of those mistakes. 

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